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Royal Tour The Hague

Event description

The Hague is a very cycle-friendly city with its many cycle paths and beautiful surrounding nature. Imagine cycling through the Parliamentary Buildings, passing the Royal Residence in the woods, the King’s working Palace and the famous Peace Palace. Your guide will tell you about the most interesting places. There is plenty of time to enjoy The Hague. Towards the end of the tour you will pass the ondulating dunes along the coast.

Excellent to combine with.....
Sportive or creative activities on or around the beach of Scheveningen or a nice beach barbecue. Please visit for more information about the combinations.

Programm Example

13.45 hours Welcome at Scheveningen Village Centre Church square

14.00 hours Start Orange Tour

  • Introduction Guide
  • Opening day
  • Tour with stories of the guide
  • Orange bitter on the way

17.15 hours Return at Du Nord, the end of the active programme

18.00 hours  Barbecue on the beach (optional)


4 hours


The Hague

Prices starting at

Orange Tour 10 to 25 participants € 27,50
Orange Tour 25 to 50 participants € 25,00
Orange Tour 50 or more participants € 22,50
Orange Tour every extra hour € 50,00

Costs extensions

(optional) delivery costs per bicycle € 2,50
(optional) additional costs multiple gear bicycles (instead of back-pedal brake) € 13,00
(optional) additional costs elektric bicycles (max 8 st) € 13,00
(optional) additional costs hybride bicycles (max 10 st) € 8,00
(optional) additional costs Eco Solex (maxl 15 st) € 17,00


This event is available on every day of the year.

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